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Directive from the District Commissioner
by Barry Burke posted 4/17/2008
District 9 Softball and Baseball League Presidents,
Please pass a long to every league commissioner, coach, weekend travel coach, volunteers ect. I have included the Virginia State Commissioner, District IX Baseball Umpire in Chief, George Burke, and Virginia -North and District IX Softball Umpire in Chief Paul Espinosa on this email.
As I traveled to a couple of your leagues this past weekend, I noticed individuals and coaches warming up the pitchers without wearing a mask.
Warming up pitchers - Baseball and Softball
The rule of thumb to follow:
"If an individual is in the squatting position and warming up a pitcher, it will be mandatory that they are properly equipped by wearing a mask with a throat protector and if a male (an athletic supporter/ cup). Insurance will not cover any individual who is not properly equipped and gets hit with a ball while in the squatting position without a mask with throat protector and proper protective gear.
It is OK for individuals to throw a ball back and forth in the "upright or standing position" without wearing a mask. It is not ok for anyone at anytime to warm up a pitcher without the proper gear. This includes the coaches that trot out onto the field and warm up the pitcher between innings while the catcher is getting the gear on in the dugout.
Bottom line - wear the proper protective gear when in the squatting position. Non compliance by any coach or manager can result in a suspension issued by the league President and or myself. Please do not let this happen to your coaches. Ignorance of this rule will be no excuse within District IX or at any other Babe Ruth tournaments or events.
Thank you,
Phil Larcomb